A to G Piano Studio

Ms. Natashia

Natashia's music journey began in Calgary, Alberta at 4 years old when she started "doodling" on the family piano at home. Having knowledge of the piano, her mother was her first teacher. After performing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in an ensemble (piano, violin, guitar, voice) with some friends at a school talent show, Natashia was invited to take piano lessons with her elementary school teacher, Jean Blumell.

Her family later moved to Beiseker to build their dream home during which time she continued her lessons practicing at the local community centre during the initial construction stage. With the move, came the transition to a new piano instructor, Christine Dandy. Under Mrs. Dandy's tutelage, Natashia discovered her love for performing, attending many recitals and participating in multiple Olds & District Kiwanis Music Festivals. She also had the opportunity to learn multiple duets and ensemble pieces with other students.

With an immense love of music and a passion for teaching, Natashia began her career as a piano instructor in the fall of 2002. She continuously seeks out new ways to teach in her own studio with the goal of creating a fun, collaborative learning environment. Natashia is devoted to providing her students with the same solo, duet and ensemble performing opportunities that she had growing up.

Natashia has completed the Grade 10 requirements for the Royal Conservatory of Music and is currently pursuing her ARCT in Piano Pedagogy. Her continuing education includes the Teacher Ultimate Music Theory Certification course.