A to G Piano Studio

What Parents Say...

Thank you for helping Calum develop a love for music and for allowing him to grow musically and explore the aspects of piano that interested him and challenged him. You've taught him the importance of working hard, taking pride in performance and challenging himself to be successful. These are skills he will use throughout life. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher.

~ Jill

Thank you so much for all the hard work and energy you have put into teaching out girl to not only play the piano but to love playing the piano.  It is such a joy to listen to her play and see how she has grown and all she has learned this year.

~ Heather & Jonathan

What Students Say...

It has been a wonderful six years with you. You helped me through every piece of music I learned or made. I will never forget what you taught me. I will continue to play on the piano and take what you taught me and put it to the guitar. Thank you so much for teaching me everything you have.

~ Calum

You have a wonderful teaching style. Relaxed yet there is structure. You are also very encouraging, I appreciate when you ask what one has done well after playing a piece. And then offer suggestions on things to do to make the piece sound even better. 

~ Joscelyn