The Advantages of Starting Music Early






Look or listen to any piece of music and you will notice that it is pattern based. By studying music, your child will learn to hear and see patterns giving them a head start in math.
Music is often referred to as a universal language. Not only that, but learning music requires the use of both sides of the brain aiding in the earlier development of speech and reading skills.
Making music requires movement throughout the body. Students will develop better coordination by using both the large and small muscle groups in their bodies.
Learning music requires repetitiveness in order to retain and build knowledge. Music students who attend classes weekly start to develop focused attention for sustained periods.
There is a reason we learn to "PLAY" music. Because it should be the same as the act of PLAYing - full of adventure, imagination, and most of all fun!

Mini Musicians I and II:

Group Classes: 4-6 Students (recommended for ages 3-6)
Schedule: 40 minutes (Tuesdays at 10:30 am); 40 classes September through June
Tuition: $65/month with 10 month commitment (registration equal to one month's tuition due at sign-up)

Give your creative child a fun introduction to music in this group class. Through improvisation, songs, and games, students will receive excellent preparation for more traditional piano lessons (and other instruments) with exploration of pitch, patterns and rhythm.

In their first year, Mini Musicians learn to explore sounds, listen actively, and move to music. They also get introduced to the piano keys, develop reading skills and learn about rhythm notation. In the second year, they begin to play more pattern-based improvisations and learn to play folk songs on the piano together.

This no-pressure, no practice class is perfect for families who want their child to get a taste for music lessons. You do not need a piano at home for your child to take part in Mini Musicians. It is beneficial to have instruments for them to experiment on; this could be bells, a glockenspiel, or a toy keyboard. Students in Mini Musicians will not have formal practice assignments but will benefit from trying the fingerplay rhymes and listening to music we are covering in class between lessons. Whether your child practices a little or not at all, they will feel successful and have a great first experience with music!

Tiny Finger Takeoff:

Buddy Classes: 2 Students (recommended for ages 4-6)
Schedule: 50 minutes (30 minutes "buddy time" | 20 minutes "one-on-one"); Studio Membership included (click here for details)
Tuition: $120/month with one year commitment (registration fee equal to month's tuition due at sign-up; )

If you feel that your child is ready for a deeper understanding of PLAYing the piano and has good concentration for sitting at the piano for 15-20 minutes at a time, then Tiny Fingers Take-Off might be a better fit. In Tiny Fingers Take-Off, students spend 20 minutes of their lesson one-on-one with their teacher and 30 minutes with another student for "buddy time". This overlapping time in our lessons allows students to PLAY with creative activities, games, and ensemble pieces. This peer collaboration has been proven to increase students' retention and accelerate their mastery of music material as they assist each other in the learning process.

Preschool students will need lots of support with practice. When your youngster starts lessons, you are not only signing them up for weekly lessons, you're also enlisting yourself as a "practice assistant". Your child will need your help to read assignments and share in their exploration of the piano with 15-20 minutes of daily practice. Musical experience is not needed to help with practice - in fact, you may end up learning alongside your child! Your teacher is there to guide you in all aspects of taking piano lessons, including at home practice. Please visit our FAQ's page before purchasing a piano for your home.

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*Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, Mini Musicians, Buddy Classes, and "Piano Party" Workshops are cancelled. We are currently in the process of adapting these to a virtual format for September, 2021.