Studio Memberships:

At A to G Piano Studio, we off a membership format for our piano lessons. This allows our students to start easily at any time throughout the year. In addition to weekly lessons throughout the academic year, we also offer our members multiple performance and workshop opportunities year-round.

Thank you for helping Calum develop a love for music and for allowing him to grow musically and explore the aspects of piano that interested him and challenged him. You've taught him the importance of working hard, taking pride in performance and challenging himself to be successful. These are skills he will use throughout life. Thank you for being a wonderful teacher.
(Jill - piano parent)

Lesson Options:

Private Lessons: 1 Student
Schedule: 40 minutes (Longer lesson times are available for more advanced students who are pursuing exams.)


Buddy Classes: 2 Students (for siblings beginning piano at the same time or students who are continuing from Tiny Finger Takeoff)
Schedule: 50 minutes (30 minutes "buddy time" | 20 minutes "one-on-one")

Tuition: In order to hold a lesson time for the following academic year, summer tuition is required for each student whether or not they attend lessons/complete summer projects during the months of July and August. Cancellation of the Studio Membership will require students to re-register should they wish to continue lessons in the future.

Discovery Piano: $120/month with one year commitment (registration fee equal to one month's tuition due at sign-up)
Conservatory Piano: $135/month with one year commitment (registration fee equal to one month's tuition due at sign-up)

Discovery Piano: Is your child 7+ years old? Or has your child already completed two years of Mini Musicians and/or Tiny Finger Takeoff with A to G Piano StudioThis program is for you! Discovery lessons are a mix of "off-the-page" and "on-the-Page" learning. Watch your child expand their theory, aural, technique and rhythm skills each week!

Your independent musician will see the most progress with 25-35 minutes of daily at-home practice. Please visit our FAQ's page before purchasing a piano for your home.

Conservatory Piano: When your child has mastered the building blocks for playing the piano in their method books, they are ready to transition to a conservatory program (i.e. Royal Conservatory of Music). We will aid them in further developing their skills at the piano and discovering a deeper understanding of the musical foundations they have already mastered.

At this level of study, an additional weekly on-line theory class is included in the tuition cost. Students can join the classes live each week or watch a recording of the class on their own time. These theory classes provide a traditional "pencil-to-paper" approach and helps prepare students for written exams should they choose to take them.

Recitals, Festivals & Exams:

Studio recitals are held twice a year, which all students are invited to perform in. The recitals are small, intimate affairs where students can build their performance skills and confidence.

We also encourage piano students with more than one year of lessons under their belts to perform in the Airdrie Rotary Festival of Performing Arts. Registration fees for festivals are the responsibility of the student.

All students at A to G Piano Studio are welcome to take piano exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music. Exams should always be a positive, rewarding experience, not something to be anxious about. Because of this, we encourage students to register for exams only after learning the skills and requirements needed to be successful at that skill level. Exam fees are the responsibility of the student.

Workshops & Summer Projects:

Students at A to G Piano Studio also get to attend up to three group workshops throughout the academic year. These workshops cover material that does not fit into our regular weekly lessons. We play theory games, improvise together, and learn to perform in front of others in a relaxed environment.

We also offer students an independent summer project, in a pre-recorded weekly lesson format, for them to complete on their own over the months of July and August.

To find out more about our workshops, click here.

Reserve Your Lesson Time &
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  • Reserve a lesson day and time that works for you.
  • Schedule a FREE meet-and-greet with your teacher and tour the studio.
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*Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, Mini Musicians, Buddy Classes, and "Piano Party" Workshops are cancelled. We are currently in the process of adapting these to a virtual format for September, 2021.