Adult Piano Lessons:

Whether you are an adult that is new to piano or you are dusting off the keys to brush up on old skills and build new ones, we can help you reach your musical goals. Our approach to adult piano lessons includes a relaxed, enjoyable learning environment with efficient tips and tricks for practicing so you can start PLAYing right away!

You have a wonderful teaching style. Relaxed yet there is structure. You are also very encouraging, I appreciate when you ask what one has done well after playing a piece. And then offer suggestions on things to do to make the piece sound even better.
(Joscelyn - adult student)

Lesson Options:

Private Lessons: 1 Student
Schedule: 40 minutes (Longer lesson times are available upon request.)

Tuition: There are two options for scheduling adult lessons.

Studio Membership: $120/month with one year commitment (registration fee equal to one month's tuition due at sign-up)
In order to hold a lesson time for the following academic year, summer tuition is required for each student whether or not they attend lessons/complete summer projects during the months of July and August. Cancellation of the Studio Membership will require students to re-register should they wish to continue lessons in the future.

Our membership format for piano lessons allows our students to start easily at any time throughout the year. In addition to weekly lessons throughout the academic year, we also offer our members multiple performance and workshop opportunities year-round. For studio membership details, click here. 

A la Carte Lessons: $180/4-lesson package (expire 8 weeks after purchase)

We know that adults may need more flexibility with their lesson schedule. Whether you have shift work, are a busy parent, or just like the flexibility of scheduling your lessons as you go, this option may be for you! A la carte lesson times are made available one week in advance and can be booked up to 48 before the lesson time; there are multiple lessons available in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings each week for you to choose from.

Music Genres: As an adult, you have been listening to and enjoying music for many years already and probably have your favourite genres. Just because you might be a beginner, doesn't mean that you need to learn nursery rhymes and children's folk songs at the start. Of course, we will still cover the basics of theory, aural, technique and rhythm skills, but the pieces you learn will be selected by you from a variety of genres at the appropriate level. Rock 'n roll, jazz, pop, classical - take your pick!

Practice: PLAYing music is a challenging hobby that uses multiple senses and a multitude of information processing skills all at the same time. It requires coordination of large and small muscle groups throughout your body, in a way that not many other things do. It is achievable with regular practice and requires a long term commitment to reap the full benefits. You will see the most progress with at least 30-40 minutes of daily at-home practice.

We understand that adults have many responsibilities with work, family and life in general. All of these things can get in the way of scheduling regular practice on occasion. If you have a week where practice was limited or not at all possible, we will work through the material with your during your next lesson, using it as a guided practice session.  Please visit our FAQ's page before purchasing a piano for your home.

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*Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, Mini Musicians, Buddy Classes, and "Piano Party" Workshops are cancelled. We are currently in the process of adapting these to a virtual format for September, 2021.